Fifa 16 Defending Tips

The first thing we need to talk about is the controls and they’re very simple. On the Xbox you to hold down LT without the ball to jockey and L2 on PlayStation. To run jockey you hold down both triggers LT/RT or L2/R2 but it’s not as effective as the standard version.

What you want to be doing is letting the attackers come towards you doing either skill moves or that wiggling movement and then jockeying backwards waiting for the right time to put in a stand tackle to claim the ball back. This is by far the most overpowered way of defending in FIFA 16 and it’s extremely effective.

The jockey movement is also very good at blocking shots or crosses as well and when a winger is at the byline you want to get as close as possible while jockeying and trying to get in the block. You shouldn’t worry about conceding a corner as the main objective is to stop the delivery into the danger zone meaning your penalty area.

More often than not it’ll bounce in your favour and you’ll retain possession of the ball so that you can make the clearance up field. When a player decides to sprint and out do you with pace then you can start running with them but also making sure to jockey when they turn on do any sudden movements.

If you practice with this for a few days you will soon get the hang of it and it’ll change your defensive game forever and you will be a better move improved player as a direct result.

Fifa 16 Shooting Tips

The Standard Shot

Now this is the first type of shot that we are going to be covering because it’s quite simply the worst, we are talking about the normal shot which is B on Xbox or circle on PlayStation. Last years installment it was pretty handy, but EA have under-powered this shot by quite a distance and it’s just simply not worth doing on FIFA 16 what so ever! Try and avoid performing the standard shot at all costs.

The Finesse Shot

The finesse shot has been widely used by players from FIFA 13 all the way to the present day and there’s good reason for that too. It has been unbelievably overpowered in recent years but for FIFA 16 although still effective it’s not the best shot anymore. You should do the finesse when you have a one-on-one with the opposition goalkeeper and you are at an angle.

To perform a finesse shot you simply have to hold down the RB/R1 button and then shoot with B or circle. These types of finishing should be from angles because it acts as a curling/swerved type shot.

The Lob/Chip Shot

When we say the lobbed or chip shot we don’t mean a David Beckham or Charlie Adam from the halfway line in-fact we actually mean in the opponents penalty area believe it or not, more specifically just outside the D. The chip can be performed by holding down the LB/L1 button and then the shoot button which is B on Xbox and circle on PS3/PS4.

You’ll need to setup your attacking player so that he/she is at a slight angle, not too much though! Just slightly left or right of the central area of the penalty box of the opponent and then you want to aim for the opposite corner. The first thing you should be looking for when you’re in on goal is the keepers positioning. The goalie needs to be off of his line slightly and this makes the lobbed shot a possibility, without this you cannot perform it.

The shot power that the gauge needs to get to is 2 bars of power, anymore or any less will result in failure as that is the exact power that you need to accumulate in order to nail the chip.

The Near Post Shot

Now the near post shot is one of the most OP in FIFA 16 and if you are at an angle and really close to the goal then you will score every time without fail. All you have to do is be in the direction that you’re coming down from the wing to the near post and then you want to power up your strike to around 2 to 2 and a half bars of power and you will score. The key to this technique is getting as close to the goal as you possibly can and aiming for the near post top corner, that is where you should be aiming and using this method you’ll get yourself plenty of goals.

The 3 Tap Shot

Now this is my personal favourite and by far the most overpowered in the title this year! To perform the triple tap shot you just simply have to tap the shoot button three times in a row. That’s it! With one-on-ones you simply don’t miss the target and the goalkeepers never save them. With this striker you have to aim for the bottom right or bottom left pockets as this shot is a low drive.

That’s all the finishing tips for FIFA 16, is you have any questions then drop us a comment in the section below and we’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible. Check back regularly to see more FIFA 16 tutorials attacking and defending throughout the year.