Fifa 16 Corner Tutorial (near post)

There’s a certain formula to this and you can’t take any of the following steps out as it won’t work if you bypass anything in this technique. From the corner flag the first thing you’ll want to do is press down on the directional button twice as this will get the set-piece tactics up and activate the near-post method.

Once you have done that, you should then wait until the corner taker has raised his hand into the air as this sends the signal that the player is going for a near-post in-swinger and all of the players in the middle get into their correct positions.

As for the aim, you want to be aiming for the penalty spot which is hard to locate but if you have a good eye then you should see it every time you take a corner. Once lined up, you’ll then want to put in approximately one to one and a half bars of power but no more than that as more power than instructed will result in the corner going more to the middle where the keeper can make the claim.

Delivering the ball at the near-post makes it incredibly hard for the goalkeepers to claim the ball in an Arial duel and almost guarantees it to go to one of your players heads or feet. Now for the secret sauce that makes this method so effective online and offline against your opponents.

If you hold down the LT button on Xbox or L2 on PlayStation then you will be able to control the player that the corner is whipped into. You should control your attacking player and move him towards the airborne ball and look out for the yellow target, this is where the ball is going to eventually land. The closer you get to that target the more likely that you will end up being the one to header the ball.

Finally you should direct your header or shot to one of the two top corners either the left or right but look out for the defender of the opposition on the line. If you see a player on the line of the goal then you should direct your shot to the opposite corner to make sure of the goal.