Fifa 16 Dipping Free Kick Tutorial

Selecting The Best FK Taker

Now this is usually a very crucial step with most types of free kicks but not this one thankfully. You absolutely don’t need to worry about curve for once as the player could have it at 0 for all it matters as you do not need this stat for this specific FK.

As for shot power you don’t need much of that either i would say 70 and above will be sufficient enough as you will be quite close in. The dipping effect can also be scored from distance so if you’re going for goal further out then you’ll obviously need more power which should be 86 and above.

Finally the most important statistic for this set-piece is the FK accuracy and you’ll want the number to be 75 and above and you should be fine. You don’t need to have a free kick specialist for the dipping FK which is something that makes it easy and OP for all players alike.

Lining Up The Strike

This is a very important step! Before you had to line the FK up with either the smallest player in the wall or a player in-line with the post but that’s a thing of the past. You want to be aiming for the opposite corner of the goal to the keeper and also line up the strike with the positioning of the ball. So from the dead ball, make sure it’s in line with the corner of the goal and you’ll be all setup and ready to go.

Shot Power & Controls

For the shot power to put in with players who’ve got low power your want 1 and a half bars to 2, and with players who have got high power you want 2 to 2 and a half bars of power. After the gauge has gone up and your player is ready to hit the ball, you must lift up the left analogue stick and hold it there until the free kick has been taken. This delivers the dipping effect and helps get the ball over the wall even if it jumps which is the most amazing thing about this set-piece.