Fifa 16 First touch Tutorial

There are three different variations of the first touch that are going to be covered in this guide and we’re going to start off with the standard version.

Basic/Standard First Touch

In-order to perform the basic first touch you simply have to flick the right analogue stick in your preferred direction when receiving the ball from your teammate. This is great for controlling the ball gaining momentum and even beating players that are running very fast at you. It’s best to use this on the wings mostly but also in the central areas of midfield and in attack.

The Fake Shot First Touch

Now this is very old-school and a lot of gamers have been using this on FIFA for years but it’s slowly being forgotten and that’s something that you don’t want to forget as it’s extremely OP. To perform it when receiving the ball you simply have to do a fake shot by pressing the shoot and then pass button and then you exit in your desired direction.

The speed in which this is done in is a huge factor in why it beats opponents and most of all creates space for you offline in Career Mode and indeed in Ultimate Team and H2H.

Letting The Ball Run To Create Space

Now this is probably one of the best at beating defenders and should only be done whilst you are in the opponents final third or penalty area. In order to pull it off you simply have to hold RB on Xbox or R1 on PlayStation and then turn with the player in the direction the ball is already heading in.

The point of this is it’s very deceiving and can fool any opposition defence and also it lets the pace of the ball do the work and your striker runs onto the end of it and more often than not is in on goal by the end of the move. For better examples of how to perform all of these in matches it’s best to watch the video with all the tips above as you’ll get a better idea of how to do them all.