Fifa 16 How To Counter Attack

You will be setup to basically sit back really deep in your defence just in front of your goalkeeper soaking up pressure from the opposition and then quickly countering the opponent with the deadliest counter attack. Here’s a quick summary of what you’re going to learn in this tutorial.

  • Custom Tactic
  • Player Instructions
  • Fast Passing
  • Tell Players to make runs
  • Decision making
  • Unpredictability

Custom Tactic

Now we’ve already done a post on the custom tactic to use and you can find that content here, you need to set this up and once you do that’s the first step out the way.

Player Instructions

These player instructions are quite simple! For the side-backs you just set them to conservative interceptions and the strikers to cut passing lanes, conservative interceptions also, and finally one of them preferably a striker who’s blessed with half decent pace to get in behind. Your central midfielders and wingers for that matter can be set to free roam but that’s an optional strategy.

Gameplay Strategy

So the best way to gain the complete knowledge on how to do this is by watching the video on this page. However the basics to remember are to pass the ball as fast as you possibly can with accuracy, and be unpredictable in the opponents final third of the pitch.

You will notice that most of your chances are going to come from the opposition committing players/numbers forward in their attacks. So scenarios such as corner kicks, set-pieces close to your penalty area and throw-ins also close to your goal, these are all vulnerable to the counter attack and should be your best friend and your opponents worst enemy.

The custom tactic that we’ve setup for you makes sure that all of your attacking players once possession of the ball has been won back successfully, they’ll bomb forward like a massive wave in support so that you have some incredible options when attacking.