Fifa 16 Penalty Tutorial

The majority of you must have noticed how frequently the refs are giving out spot kicks this year in FIFA 16, so it’s important to be a master at taking them. One spot that you might know about is the top middle of the goal which is by far the most overpowered spot to aim for.

You will be aiming just below the crossbar but as for how long you move the left-stick up it literally is for under a second. As for power you want to look at the power gauge going up very carefully and look to put in around 2 and a half to 3 bars of power but no-more as the player will put the ball into the stands if anymore power is generated and that’s even if you get it on the green.

That however is a must, for this much power which is what beats the goalkeepers you must get the indicator onto the green in the first place, the yellow and certainly not the red are just simply not good enough. The keepers tend to save the penalties this year if you pick a side either left or right, so that’s why it’s best to go for this type of spot kick.

The great thing about the top center penalty is that even if the keeper stays in the middle of the goal it still goes in the back of the net. The only possible way to save these OP pens are if they goalie stays in the middle and holds up on the right-stick but this is very rare that you’ll see this occur in the match.