Fifa 16 Skill Moves Tutorial

Sidestep (Ball Roll)

Now this move can be performed by any player in the game and is easily on of the most overpowered in the game and has been for the past few installments of the franchise. To do it all you have to do is flick the right analogue stick in the direction that’s to the side of the player. It’s by far the easiest skill move to do on the entire game and that’ what makes it into our list of deadly skill moves.

Berba Spin (4-Star Skill)

The berba spin is easily one of the most OP in FIFA 16 and it’s good because you can perform it whilst running which can’t be said for the majority of skills on the game. The other great plus for it is the ability to cut inside with ease and at pace. Lastly the fact that you can double up and do 2 or 3 of them in a row makes this a deadly skill to use. Check out our full in-depth tutorial on it here where we cover everything you need to know about it.

The Spin (4-Star Skill)

The spin was first introduced in last years title and soon became a fans favourite with it’s speedy and effective way of cutting inside much like the berba spin. We’ve also covered this in a recent tutorial and from there you can learn the controls on how to do it. This is one that you should definitely be using this season if you’re serious about becoming an effective skiller.

No Touch Dribbling

This one easily makes the list as it’s a new feature in the game this year and we all know that EA like to overpower the new controls that they introduce each season and this is no exception. The no touch dribbling can be performed by anyone but it’s worth noting that it works best with players who’re blessed with really decent dribbling statistics so the higher the value the better it performs.

Just like many of these we’ve already done a skills tutorial on this and you should check it out if you want to gain the knowledge on exactly how to use this in the correct way. If used correctly this can be your best friend on the pitch and sometimes be the difference between winning and losing a match.

Fake Shot To Stop The Ball Still

This little beauty is by far my favourite skill move to use in FIFA 16! To perform it you simply have to do a fake shot which is the shoot button followed immediately by the pass button and let go of the left analogue stick. This will result in your player pretending and faking to take on a shot but instead stopping the ball dead still in a matter of seconds. You can literally do so many different things on the pitch with this at your disposal and it’s fantastic for confusing the opposition defenders and at times it is almost impossible to defend against.

You can win penalties in the opponents penalty area, perform a speed boost or skill straight after you’ve done it, or even get half a yard of important space to get a shot or cross out. This is one that you seriously need to put into your game-plan and start using instantly! You will not regret it and if anything you should be overusing all five of these listed in this tutorial on a regular basis.